Some incredible art is used in this project, artists will be named here.

Kadokawa - RTP

Journey Sticks - Candys and Gummys

PandaMaru - Animals, Edits



Any and all who help with developments will be arranged here

Randoms Nation - Muggins

TAB Gaming - Bug finder General!

Driftwood Gaming - Tutorials to plugins

Code n Programmers

Many fantastic plugins and systems have been used from professional developers. A full list will be both here and in credits in the game.



Yanfly -

Mr. Trivel -

Gameus - Quest system

Raizen - Triple Triad Style Card Game (Also FF8 for inspiration)

Music and Audio

Musicians and audio artists will be here


Its a small list but testers they are and test they did so they will be listed here!


Special Thanks

Anyone who may not be so evident but needs a special thanks for help or support!

RPG Maker - Makes all kinds of things game related so easy!

Character Creator EX TAB 0.9 - Epic Taller Chacters! - One of the best communities for game devs i have ever seen!

Game Maker - Great resources and other features allowing for some different sytles in game

Blender, GIMP - Art and other editing related stuff for the noob to totally confused pro they have it covered!


To get in contact, send in some art or suggestions or just ask a question.