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The Town
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The Town

As an adventurer you hear of a place in need of help and rush to their aid.

Oddly things change just as you arrive the town finding itself in the middle of a huge forest.

Talk to the locals, pass time or sleep

for the night, play cards, investigate the traders or help find a way out of the Forest

The Beach Village


There is a way out of the forest it seems and if you find it then this is just one of the towns, villages and areas you can encounter being added next!

Check out the strange creatures in the sewer, help the locals or have a crack at the casino!

Much like other towns there are secrets, mysterys and hidden treasures if you can find them

Strange things in the Forest


All kinds of strange character to interact with and meet. From Hermits and Electronic Life Forms to Fairys and Aliens

Fortune favours the..um .. dead?.. curious... bold? Something like that.

Be sure to check  places at night to !

The Grid

The Grid

Items, Weapons, Skills, Cards, New NPCs and secret areas are all unlockable from the Grid.

If you can get the points from Quests, Monsters, Chests or Loot

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A Card
A Card